Equipped for the year's loveliest smile

Autumn love

Summer is coming to an end. But never fear, autumn is on its way, bringing with it a thousand reasons to fall in love with this season all over again.

Autumn can be bright – but also muddy brown, cloudy grey and rainy blue. So it's the perfect time to send outdoor areas into hibernation and freshen up indoor areas, not forgetting all those nooks and crannies. Get started on our Autumn Love project, and we’ll make sure you are “equipped for the year's loveliest smile”.

Time to get outdoors

Our project for shrubs, leaves and paths

Outdoor spaces are no longer just about making a good first impression – they have become valuable recreational and working spaces too. Well-maintained and thoughtfully designed driveways, walkways, screens, covered areas and tranquil spots all make for an outdoor space that increases well-being. This in turn leads to more productivity – and not just in the summer months.

Make sure that your outdoor areas look good all year round and are an inviting place to get a breath of fresh air: we have put together the best products for shrubs, leaves and paths .

Time to go indoors

Our project for rooms, air and surfaces

Dust and dirt are a fact of life. Wherever people, work and the environment come together, tiny particles are created. At first, they may be suspended in the air, but these particles inevitably come back down to settle everywhere on surfaces and floors. It is not in our power to change this law of nature, but we can change everything else: with our versatile equipment for indoor cleaning.

Whether you want to tackle dust, stains or splodges, we’ve got the products you need. Start your autumn cleaning now and remove dirt easily, safely and without ever having to pick up a broom: introducing our sparkling clean solutions for rooms, air and surfaces.

Get into those corners

Our project for small parts and small appliances

Small fry can make a big mess – and before you know, you have a mammoth task on your hands. You’ll notice this when you have to clean or degrease small or tiny machine or device parts, for example. With the right products from our range, you can noticeably reduce the effort required to remove grease, oil and dirt from small parts in a way that is environmentally friendly, thorough and safe.

This ensures that your small parts and small appliances continue to function reliably and precisely, bringing added value to all processes.

Good to know

We also offer organic small parts cleaners and cleaning tables

You prefer to avoid solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC) or don’t require them? Then take a look at our organic cleaning tables.

Microorganisms free the small parts from oils and fats. This is the perfect alternative not only for the environment, but also for companies that are particularly keen to operate sustainably: neither the cleaning solution nor the waste product is classified as a hazardous substance and is also not a dangerous good in this instance. Available in various versions.

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