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RAL label

RAL labels stand for objectively controlled, high standards of quality. The RAL-RG-614 label is issued for certified storage and workshop equipment. This ensures that the respective products meet high standards of safety and quality. You, as a customer, can therefore rest assured that products will also be delivered with the advertised guaranteed quality.

Products which bear the RAL label must fulfil the following 9 standards of quality as a minimum:

1. Structural integrity and load capacity are tested by a recognised safety analyst. The certified structural analysis is kept on file.
2. Structural integrity and load capacity, including sufficient rigidity along the length and depth of the body, are verified under maximum operating conditions.
3. The manufacturer exclusively uses standardised materials for these products.
4. The manufacturer employs qualified personnel for the design, manufacture and assembly of the products.
5. The in-house trials conducted by the manufacturer are officially confirmed by the State Material Testing Office of the respective federal state.
6. Consistent product quality is verified through documented in-house inspections by the manufacturer.
7. The manufacturer is annually subjected to at least two unannounced quality assurance and safety inspections conducted by the State Material Testing Office.
8. The manufacturer provides the user with clear, structurally sound instruction manuals for assembly and operation.
9. The manufacturer's finished products are generally fitted with nameplates, which specify the maximum bay and shelf load capacities.
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